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  • Crisadel Ann Escobarte Votacion


AbstractThe researcher formulated the following conclusions based on the teachers narratives: Senior high school students faced common challenges as they experienced the K to 12 Education program. These are how they manage their time (time management), how they cope with the new educational system (coping mechanism), and parents lack of source for additional two years (financial source). They also shared the same insights as to the advantages of the new educational systemsnot just to them but also to society - job opportunities, additional learnings, and the preparation for tertiary education, to name a few. K 12 Program aims to equip the graduates with knowledge and skills that will arm Filipino graduates to be at a solid ground where if not for excellence with foreign countries but at least, quality workers. The K-12 education program can be the instrument for the integration of information and communication technology in education. Meanwhile, they also shared negative feedbacks for the program. These are lack of facilities, lack of financial support, and the delay of professional attainment. Though senior high school students faced those challenges and difficulties upon dealing with the new educational system, they likely have ways to boost their minds and confidence to meet the challenges despite the challenges. The K 12 Program will be a burden on parents and students, not just for emotional, physical reasons but also in financial aspects because this program will prolong the years of stay in the school of the students. The senior high school students continued to battle with the new educational program's hardships. They shared those things like time management and accepting reality. By seeking help from those around them, like their family, relatives, friends, and classmates, they tend to overcome them as their coping strategies to continue their journey as senior high school students.Keywords: K to 12 implementation, challenges, views, insights, feedback

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