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  • Utkarsha Erande ,Punam Deshmukh ,Rahul Khemnar ,Vishal Chavhan ,Sharad Rokade


In todays global market, supply chain management is critical. It has a significant influence on the global economy. SCM is often defined as the movement of goods from producer to consumer. It is divided into phases, starting with the supply of raw materials and ending with the client, and includes the producer, distributor, and retailer. It is a global process in which components are sourced from a single location, packaged, and supplied globally. The supply chain can benefit from the blockchains transparency and immutability. Authentication of Products is very crucial to stop counterfeiting. this system is also used for the identification and verification of products and detects fake products so that users do not need to rely on third-party users for confirmation of product safety.Although much attention has been paid to blockchain technology research in the area of supply chain management, neither the research findings nor the blockchain technology decision-making model has been developed to address the control of the supply chain for medical products and medicines. This study examines and develops a blockchain-based supply chain management system for medical equipment. Based on the entire life cycle supply chain management model, a medical product supply chain supervision model and a medical equipment supply chain supervision system based on blockchain technology were created. Using blockchain technology and full life cycle theory, a medical product management system that covers the entire production, supply, tendering, procurement, storage, application, export, use, destruction, and traceability of medical equipment was designed.

DOI LINK : 10.58257/IJPREMS31195
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