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A Review paper on effectiveness of Industrial Wastes in Road Construction (KEY IJP************963)

  • Himanshu,Himanshi,Sahil


Now a days disposal of different wastes, mainly industrial wastes is a major problem. Since these wastes are non- biodegradable and very fine in particle size results to various environmental threats. As the number of industries and factories are rising drastically, there is a need to know the benefits of waste materials which can be recycled and reused in any other forms. The most suitable method of utilization of these industry waste materials is adopting them in construction. In many of the research works it is proved that the waste materials produced by industries can be utilized in road pavements. Large quantity of wastes is produced in these establishments. The pollution and disposal of waste material can be partly reduced by using in construction. Many Researchers have developed the specifications of road construction using industrial wastes which in turn can be possible to return higher economics. The pollution and disposal problems can be minimized by utilizing these materials in road constructions. These days coarse and fine aggregates are replaced partially with industrial waste materials. Taking into considerations that natural materials are getting exhausted in nature and quantity is decreasing gradually also the extraction of good quality materials are very economic, scientists are looking forward for the improvement and utilization of industrial waste materials in road construction. A review on some of the most suitable methods are discussed in this paper.

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