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Sangati The story of Oppressed Dalit women (KEY IJP************152)

  • 1. Sanjay Kumar 2.dr. Neeraj Kumar


Dalit literature is about the sufferings of oppressed class. Dalit fictions and its literary movement are based on the common ground of social oppression. It is a study of marginal and colonized. Dalit literature is a form of post-colonial literature. Equality, justice and freedom are the basis of Dalit literature. The form of dalit literature covers a wide range of literary genres. Many writers, thinkers, social reformers and political figures gave their contribution in the dalit literary movement. The paper intense to throws light on the analysis of dalit marginalization in detail. In Indian society, Dalit women are oppressed at the margins by gender and caste. Generally, women are facing suppression from men in society. If women were born as dalit community, they should face both male domination and being as a lower caste. Dalit fiction and its scholarly development depend on the shared opinion of social sufferings. It is not only about whole community but conveyed as an individual. Women in the Indian society were generally treated as subordinates to men, they were discriminated and disgusted as well. The plight of Dalit women can easily be assessed by the fact that they being Dalits first and secondly women. The paper will examine the contribution of the novelist, Bama, in her work Sangati. Bamas Sangati is a unique Dalit feminist narrative carrying autobiographical elements of the whole community. In Sangati, Dalit women are anguished from their childhood and Bama portrayed these women from a different perspective. The researcher points out the amount of pain and labour of dalit women have to experience right from their childhood and how they find the courage to break those shackles through the very experience of the unnamed protagonist in the novel Sangati.

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