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Competency Models in an organization: A Literature Review (KEY IJP************814)

  • Ms. Elgani Sadvika,Dr R S Ch Murthy Chodisetty


This research paper explores how competency models, which define the skills and attributes needed for success, are crucial for aligning employee abilities with a company's goals. It looks at how competency mapping affects employees, analyzing skill gaps, and its importance in HR strategy. The paper considers insights from various studies across different industries like telecommunications and banking. The research aims to understand the parts of competency, how it relates to keeping employees, impacts skill analysis, and its role in HR strategy. It reviews various competency models, like the Iceberg model, Holistic competency model, Research Onion and shows how competency mapping can adapt to solve specific challenges in organizations. In conclusion, the research emphasizes how competency mapping is vital for connecting individual skills to organizational success, providing valuable insights for hiring, training, and overall talent development in different industries

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