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  • Aibe D. Ponso


Abstract This phenomenological study explored the stories and opportunities of teachers in implementing school-based management (SBM) in Banaybanay District, Division of Davao Oriental. Furthermore, this study aimed to uncover their insights that can be shared to others which are vital to educational management. Qualitative phenomenological study was employed in exploring the views of the ten (10) elementary teachers of which primary instrument of data gathering was through in-depth interview. Major findings revealed that three overarching themes emerge from these stories, each offering a distinct lens through which to comprehend the complexities and successes of SBM implementation namely professional growth and development, challenges and solutions in SBM implementation, and student- centered impact and achievements. In addition, the implementation of School- Based Management (SBM) introduces a myriad of opportunities for educators, enriching their professional experiences and reshaping the landscape of teaching and learning namely autonomy and decision-making empowerment, professional collaboration and networking, and innovative teaching practices and experimentation. Finally, embarking on the implementation of School- Based Management (SBM), teachersinsights serve as illuminating compass points, guiding us through the nuanced landscape of this transformative educational approach narnely reflective professional growth, stakeholder engagement and community involvement, and adaptability and flexibility in educational practices. The narratives shared by teachers regarding the implementation of School-Based Management (SBM) carry profound implications for research in education. These stories not only serve as a rich source of qualitative data but also offer a nuanced understanding of the complex dynamics within the SBM framework. Examining the experiences, challenges, and successes recounted by teachers provides researchers with valuable insights into the multifaceted impact of SBM on professional development, instructional practices, and collaborative efforts. Keywords: School-based management, stories of elementary teachers, phenomenology

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