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Investigating vulnerabilities in pluggable data in a ubiquitous environment using an algorithmic approach (KEY IJP************487)

  • Suyog Sudhir Kulkarni,Shilpa Raghuvanshi


In the IT sector, cloud computing is a hot study area that is used to distribute data and computing resources over the internet. The use of clouds is a new computer platform, in which the network is used to share the resources as a service. The primary function provided by cloud computing is cloud data storage, whereby The user has access to, and the data is handled, managed, and backed up during the connect. Because of the cloud, several sectors are embracing cloud computing with enthusiasm. capacities that a marginal asset can achieve. Nevertheless, the cloud keeps user data in somewhere that might lead to a data security breach. Consequently, safeguarding the cloud data is a significant problem that many sectors now face. But the data owner has amassed and saved the data on distant servers, and users can retrieve their data from the distant cloud servers that are not within the user's control. As a result, the collection of Data stored off-cloud presents a number of security challenges. Consequently, the One of the main areas of cloud computing study is cloud data protection. stage. Users benefit from enormous efficiency when data is outsourced to the cloud because They don't have to be concerned about maintaining hardware management.

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