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  • Rushikesh Jagtap,Dipali Vasmale,Rameshwari Kamble,Vaishnavi Swami,Prof.s.a.awatade


The Traffic Sign Recognition System (TSRS) aims to revolutionize road safety by leveraging machine learning to autonomously identify and interpret traffic signs. This Phase 1 exploration encompasses a meticulous literature review, emphasizing project management methodologies and models, with insights drawn from IEEE papers. The study delves into the challenges addressed by the TSRS, highlighting the necessity of feasibility analysis for an optimal solution strategy. The culmination of Phase 1 presents a welldefined system architecture, featuring modules for sensor data acquisition, preprocessing, recognition, alerts, and adaptive interventions. Hardware and software requirements are outlined for seamless implementation. This groundwork positions TSRS as a pivotal advancement in intelligent transportation systems, promising heightened driver awareness and safer road navigation. Phase 2 will witness the practical manifestation of this vision, translating theoretical frameworks into a tangible and impactful Traffic Sign Recognition System.

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